Vacuum Hot Pressing Furnace
High Temperature Graphite Vacuum Hot Pressing Furnace

High Temperature Graphite Vacuum Hot Pressing Furnace

Description:The electric furnace has graphite heating, periodic working, vertical installation, and is suitable for sintering under metal vacuum, inorganic non-metal materials, sub-vacuum, high temperature and hot pressing, and of course, it can be sintered under a protective atmosphere. Thereby, the densification of the material is completed, deformation is prevented, and the effect of suppressing the coarseness of the nanopowder crystal grains is also achieved

technical parameters of High Temperature Graphite Vacuum Hot Pressing Furnace£º

Rated power 0-50kw
Power supply voltage three-phase 380 V (rated load voltage: 0-75V)
Heating mode: graphite carbon tube high purity graphite
the highest temperature 2100 ¡æ
work temperature 2000 ¡æ
the workspace size 160 x 160 mm §¶ (D * H)
the pressure head diameter 85 mm §¶
Maximum pressure 20t (digital display, automatic voltage regulation, automatic pressure maintaining)
Pressure fluctuation 0.1mpa, displacement accuracy: 0.02mm
Pressure stroke 0 ~ 100mm (digital display)
Hydraulic control the hydraulic station is equipped with imported proportional valve pressure regulator, pressure sensor, hydraulic cylinder and other related hydraulic devices. The pressure can be automatically adjusted through PLC editing program section setting, and the pressure can be stabilized and maintained
Cold limit vacuum degree of empty furnace 6.67 * 10-3 Pa
High Temperature Graphite Vacuum Hot Pressing Furnace can be customized according to customers’requirements.