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Features of Kejia electric furnace CVD system products

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Features of CVD system products:
1. CVD system is compatible with various mainstream growth modes of atmospheric pressure and micro positive pressure
2. The CVD system can grow graphene at any pressure between 1000Pa and 0.1pA
3 the CVD system is controlled by computer and can set a variety of growth parameters
4 CVD system can prepare high-quality, large-area graphene and other carbon materials with the size of several centimeters, and study the kinetic process
5. CVD system has high deposition efficiency; The composition of the film is precise and controllable, and the ratio range is large; The thickness range is wide, from hundreds of Angstroms to several millimeters, which can realize thick film deposition and mass production
CVD technical features:
It has a series of advantages, such as low deposition temperature, easy control of film composition and thickness, good uniformity and repeatability, excellent step coverage, wide application range, simple equipment, etc
CVD method can deposit almost all kinds of thin films required in integrated circuit process, such as doped or undoped SiO2, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, silicon nitride, metals (tungsten, molybdenum), etc

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