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Precautions for safe operation of box type resistance furnace

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As a high-power electric heating equipment, the box type resistance furnace must be carefully used in daily use. Anything related to electricity and high temperature may be harmful to human operation. When the box type resistance furnace is used daily, its safe operation must be put in the first place. What are the specific safety operation details of the box type resistance furnace? Here is an introduction:
1. Clean the remaining sundries in the furnace and remove the bottom plate of the furnace to prevent the open circuit of the resistance wire caused by the sundries.
2. Before working in the furnace, ensure that the power supply is disconnected. Secondly, the maximum bearing capacity of the furnace bottom plate cannot be exceeded.
3. To ensure the furnace temperature, do not open the door of the box furnace.
4. When the furnace is discharged, the working position shall be correct and the clamping shall be stable to prevent the hot workpiece from injuring the human body.
5. Do not exceed the maximum temperature of the resistance furnace during use.
6. The opening time of the furnace door shall be as short as possible when loading the sample to prolong the service life of the electric furnace.
7. It is forbidden to pour any liquid into the furnace.
8. Do not put the samples stained with water and oil into the furnace; Do not use clamps with water and oil to take samples.
9. Wear special gloves when loading and taking samples to prevent scalding.
10. The sample shall be placed in the middle of the furnace in order, and shall not be placed randomly.
11. Do not touch the electric furnace and the surrounding samples.
12. Cut off the power supply and water source after use.
13. When the box type furnace is repaired, it must be baked as required, and check whether the furnace hall and the top insulation powder are filled, and whether the grounding is fastened with the furnace shell.
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