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How to heat the tubular furnace and how to deal with coking

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The heating of tubular furnace is due to the high temperature flame formed by the dispersed incineration of gas and air, which heats the furnace and partition wall and makes the gas itself heat to a very high temperature. On the other hand, the influence of gas activity moistens plays a role in convection conduction heating. In the radiation chamber, the furnace tube is mainly subjected to high heat radiation, and the tar in the tube can be heated to 400 ℃, so it is suitable for two-stage heating. There are 70 furnace tubes in the convection chamber. Because they are moistened by gas, they mainly conduct heat. The tar in the tubes can only be heated to 130 ℃, so they are suitable for two-stage heating and dehydration.

The most common way to deal with the coking of the tubular furnace is the air steam coke burning method, and the simplest way to heat the tubular furnace is the air steam coke burning method; After finding that the furnace tube is coking (the pressure at the furnace inlet, i.e. the secondary pump, increases without changing the processing amount and tar moisture and properties), it is clarified that the furnace tube may be coking, and the air steam coke burning method can be used for coke burning; The air steam coke burning method is based on the premise that the furnace tube is not blocked, and the coking treatment method is to introduce air and steam into the furnace inlet in proportion, and heat the furnace with gas to a certain temperature. The coke and air echo (burning) in the furnace tube are finally completely removed.

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