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What is a vertical tube furnace? What are the advantages of Kejia vertical tube furnace?

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The vertical tube furnace with a vulcanization bed is equipped with high-purity quartz tubes. The furnace tube is equipped with a stone boat embedded with a porous quartz plate, and the aperture of the quartz plate can be customized separately.

The powder can be placed on a porous quartz plate, and gas can be introduced from the lower end of the furnace tube. The sample particles are suspended in the heating area through the porous quartz plate for deposition experiments.

1200 Vertical Fluidized Bed Furnace
1200 Vertical Fluidized Bed Furnace

A vertical tube furnace with a vulcanization bed is suitable for CVD processes, such as silicon carbide coating, conductivity testing of ceramic substrates, two-dimensional material growth, controllable growth of ZnO nanostructures, and atmosphere sintering of ceramic capacitors (MLCC). It is a type of tube furnace.

Advantages of Kejia vertical tube furnace:
PID control method is used to adjust the temperature, and 30 temperature rise and fall programs can be set.
Temperature control accuracy ± 1 º C.
It has over temperature protection and couple breaking protection, and the instrument has the function of temperature self-tuning.
Touch screen control, data can be stored and copied.
Adopting polycrystalline fiber furnace material, the material has good insulation performance, high reflectivity, and a balanced temperature field.

Vertical fluidized bed tubular furnace
Vertical fluidized bed tubular furnace

Attention: When introducing gas to suspend sample particles, excessive gas flow may cause particles to pass through the heating zone. Therefore, during the experiment, the gas flow rate should be adjusted based on the size of the particles.

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