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1400¡æ vacuum laboratory furnace

1400¡æ vacuum laboratory furnace

Description:vacuum laboratory furnace is widely used for heat treatment of metal materials in high vacuum,recursive,protective atmosphere,also can be used for heat treatment of special materials such as carbonization fiber with excellent thermal insulation.Vacuum Reservoir with water cooling system.The vacuum can reach 7x10^-3 Pa with diffusion pump or molecular pump.

Features of Vacuum lab furnace£º

1.Double layer steel casting with air cooling fans to keep case temperature lower;
2.High purity fiber alumina board chamber for the best energy saving;
3.The temperature is controlled by precision SCR(Silicon Controlled Rectifier) with accuracy +/-1 C and 30 segments programmable control;
4.The fast rate of temperature increasing and decreasing.
5.The furnace chamber is ceramic fiber brick with excellent thermal insulation,vacuum reservoir with water cooling system
6.The furnace is equipped with the function of power off automatically when door furnace opening,function of over temperature alarm,etc.


Chamber dimension 150x150x150mm
Max. temperature 1600C
Working temp. <1600C
Furnace atmosphere Nitrogen,Argon and other inert gas
Heating rate 0-15¡æ/min (Suggestion: 0-10¡æ/min)
Temp. control 30 steps programmable and PID automatic control
Vacuum degree 10-3 torr
Temp. accuracy +/-1¡æ
Heating element MoSi2 heating elements
Voltage 415V 50HZ
Furnace chamber Stainless steel
Furnace structure Heavy duty double layer structure with cooling fan
Payment term T/T in advance
Shipment by Air, Sea, etc.
Delivery time 3-7 working days
Packing Packing - Plastic paper inside, Polyfoam filled,
Wooden case outside
lt can be customized according to customers’requirements.

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