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  • 08-08
    Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of external vacuum heat treatment furnace

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the external vacuum heat treatment furnace? Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. will share with you: The advantages of external vacuum heat treatment furnace mainly include: 1. The structure is simp […]...

  • 08-08
    Precautions for safe operation of box type resistance furnace

    As a high-power electric heating equipment, the box type resistance furnace must be carefully used in daily use. Anything related to electricity and high temperature may be harmful to human operation. When the box type resistance furnace is used dail […]...

  • 07-26
    Introduction to PECVD principle

    PECVD literally means plasma (P) enhanced (E) chemical vapor deposition (CVD). The reaction gas is transformed into plasma under the action of equipment radio frequency (RF), so as to carry out chemical reaction and generate the required membrane mat […]...

  • 07-26
    Characteristics of CVD system products

    Features of CVD system products: 1. CVD system is compatible with various mainstream growth modes of atmospheric pressure and micro positive pressure 2. The CVD system can grow graphene at any pressure between 1000pa-0.1pa 3. The CVD system is contro […]...

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