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  • 2022 04-29
    Introduction to characteristics of atmosphere furnace

    As we all know, the atmosphere box furnace is the choice for daily application in the laboratory. Today, let’s briefly introduce the characteristics of the atmosphere furnace of notai technology. Features of atmosphere furnace: 1. The maximum temperature […]...

  • 2022 04-29
    Five characteristics of hot pressing sintering furnace

    Five features of hot pressing sintering furnace: 1. LED large screen liquid crystal display, integrated with vacuum pump and internal circulating water cooling system, avoids the complex lock of external water source, and makes the external surface temperature […]...

  • 2022 04-24
    How to realize automatic control of furnace temperature in high temperature electric furnace?

        I believe that many customers do not know how to realize automatic temperature control of high-temperature electric furnace. Let’s briefly share the automatic temperature control technology of high-temperature electric furnace.     At present, it is […]...

  • 2022 04-24
    How to use high temperature electric furnace more effectively?

        I believe many people are confused about this problem, that is, how to use high-temperature electric furnace more effectively? Today, Kejia electric stove will share with you some ideas and matters that can improve the effective way: 1. If you want to use […]...

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    Zhengzhou Kejia Furnace Co., Ltd. is one high-tech enterprises specialized in development, production and sales of heating treatment product. Our products cover muffle furnace, tube furnace, vacuum furnace, atmosphere furnace, CVD system, dental furnace, bottom lift furnace, , track furnace and others, which is widely used in metallurgy, vacuum brazing, sintering ceramics, battery materials dry, shiny metal processing, parts annealing, science and many other different fields...

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