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1200¡æ high vacuum sintering furnace

1200¡æ high vacuum sintering furnace

Description:Vacuum Sintering furnace is widely used for heat treatment of metal materials in high vacuum,recursive,protective atmosphere,also used for heat treatment of special materials,such as carbonation process of carbon products development.The furnace chamber is alumina refractory fiber for excellent thermal insulation,vacuum reservoir with water cooling system. The furnace has the advantages of novel structure and convenient operation.

Features of high vacuum sintering furnace£º

1. Great temperature uniformity.

2. PID automatic control via SCR power control

3.Over temperature protection and alarm allows for operation without attendant(s)

4. The chamber of a stove or furnace insulation materials


Model vacuum sintering furnace 
Furnace structure LED
Max. Temperature 1000°C
Continuous working Temperature ≤1100°C
Heating Rate Suggestion 0~10°C/min Max.20°C/min
Rated power 25KW
Accuracy ±1°C
Furnace Chamber materials Heat insulation screen material
Shell structure Double shell, oven door and furnace with water circulation system
Heating Element  Aludirome
Thermocouple K type
Overall dimensions 1750mmX1350X1980mm
Working Voltage AC 220v, single phase, 50 Hz / 60Hz
Temperature ControL PID automatic control via SCR power control
The size and temperature of the furnace can be customized according to the user's requirements

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