dental zirconia sintering furn
lab dental zirconia sintering furnace for used

lab dental zirconia sintering furnace for used

Description:KJ zirconia sintering furnace is mainly used for crystallization and sintering of zirconia crowns in denture processing factory.It adopts 1800 type dentalpure MoSi2 heating elements to avoid secondary pollution of zirconia crowns,circular furnace chamber with four-side heating for more uniform temperature comparing with traditional type,better permeability and consistency of firing crowns.The auto lift mode makes loading material easy and taking convenient.It is the ideal equipment for denture processing factory.

Features of ceramic dental zirconia sintering furnace:

1.Large crucible, three layers at most to be sintered
2.Newly-developed touch screen control,simple and quick operation
3.Cylinder heating chamber,more scientific and even temperature field
4.Auto lifting loading tray,converient take put sintered products
5.High purity heating element and refractory fiber,keep zirconia translucent
6.Real-time temperature monitoring,curve display,regular controller calibration
Descriptions :

Max.  Temperature 1700 ¡æ
Heating Rate  0-30¡æ/min
Chamber size Ø110x110mm
Temperature Controller Touch screen interface
Temperature Accuracy +/-1 ¡æ
Heating Element MoSi2 Rod
Power Supply  AC110-240V, 50/60hz
Max. Power 1.8Kw
Dimensions 360x550x830mm
Weight 50kg
Quality guarantee 12 month(exclusive wearing part)

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