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  • Why is the temperature rise of box furnace slowHigh temperature electric furnace, as the name suggests, is a high-temperature electric furnace. Only such a high-temperature furnace can burn and melt hard things.


  • Common faults and maintenance of CVD equipmentIn order to ensure the normal operation of CVD equipment for a long time, in addition to requiring the operator to operate and use the equipment correctly, taking some effective methods to maintain the equipment is the key to protect the normal operation of CVD equipment.


  • Standard operating procedures and precautions for dental porcelain ovensStandard operating procedures and precautions for dental porcelain ovens Operation step 1: turn on the power switch and press (ESC) to continue operation after 8-10 seconds of self inspection. 2. Input the program of porcelain powder baking into the […]


  • Safety operation specification for box type resistance furnaceSafety operation specification for box type resistance furnace (1) Equipment inspection: before starting the box type electric furnace, a comprehensive inspection shall be conducted for the equipment to check whether there are tools or other conducti […]


  • Features of Kejia electric furnace CVD system productsFeatures of CVD system products: 1. CVD system is compatible with various mainstream growth modes of atmospheric pressure and micro positive pressure 2. The CVD system can grow graphene at any pressure between 1000Pa and 0.1pA 3 the CVD system is con […]


  • Types and general structure of heating furnaceType of heating furnace: The heating furnace can be roughly divided into: box furnace, vertical furnace, cylindrical furnace and large square furnace. This division method is based on the appearance shape of the radiation chamber and has nothing to d […]


  • Understand the characteristics of lower annealing furnace together    Annealing furnace is a process used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, which includes heating a plurality of semiconductor wafers to affect their electrical properties. Heat treatment is designed for different effects. The wafer can be […]


  • Five characteristics of hot pressing sintering furnaceFive features of hot pressing sintering furnace: 1. LED large screen liquid crystal display, integrated with vacuum pump and internal circulating water cooling system, avoids the complex lock of external water source, and makes the external surface t […]


  • Operating steps for charging of Kejia tubular furnaceThe tubular atmosphere resistance furnace is mainly used in metallurgy, glass, heat treatment, lithium anode and cathode materials, new energy, abrasive tools and other industries to determine the professional equipment of materials under certain atm […]


  • What is the condition of alarm in advance when the box furnace is heatingRecently, some of our customers reported that when the box furnace was heating, it started to alarm before it reached the set temperature. Our engineers took corresponding measures to solve this problem. Please follow the following steps to check the […]


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