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  • What are the application scenarios for muffle furnaces? What are the main advantages of a muffle furnace?Muffle furnace is a widely used heating equipment in various industries. Its importance is self-evident. This article provides a detailed introduction to the application fields of muffle furnaces, and explores its advantages and disadvantages, to help readers better understand this equipment.


  • What is a muffle furnace?Muffle furnace is a kind of general heating equipment, which is box type, with resistance wires hidden in the box. The furnace body has thick wall, and has insulation materials inside. The temperature can rise to 1200 degrees. It is commonly used in the Muffle furnace to melt some Refractory metals and minerals, and in gravimetric analysis, to ash filter paper without flame, burn to decompose organic matter, and drive away volatile components in inorganic matter.


  • What is a vertical tube furnace? What are the advantages of Kejia vertical tube furnace?The vertical tube furnace with a vulcanization bed is equipped with high-purity quartz tubes. The furnace tube is equipped with a stone boat embedded with a porous quartz plate, and the aperture of the quartz plate can be customized separately.


  • What is an inclined rotary tube furnace? Why tilt and rotate the tube furnace?Why tilt and rotate the tube furnace? Due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside during the heating operation of some materials, the heating temperature of the materials stacked inside cannot meet the required conditions. Therefore, the tube body is made into a rotatable state to make the materials more evenly heated; At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that materials can enter and exit automatically, allowing them to enter in a spiral manner to achieve the speed of material entry. Therefore, the tubular furnace should be designed to be both rotatable and tilted.


  • What is a tube furnace? Science popularization of tube furnaceTubular furnaces are mainly used in industries such as metallurgy, glass, heat treatment, lithium positive and negative electrode materials, new energy, grinding tools, etc. They are professional equipment for measuring materials under certain temperature conditions. The furnace structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to control, and capable of continuous production.


  • Features and applications of Kejia rotary tube furnaceKejia Rotary tube furnace is a special type of tube furnace. Its main feature is that there is a rotating bracket in the furnace tube. Through the movement of the rotating bracket, the heating materials can be heated evenly.


  • Maintenance method of Muffle FurnaceHigh temperature box furnace is an electric furnace with a box shaped appearance and furnace. The workpiece in the box furnace is fixed during the entire heating process of the heat treatment experiment. Just open the furnace door, neatly place the tools


  • Common faults and solutions of laboratory rotary tube furnaceThe laboratory rotary tube furnace is mainly used for heat treatment experiments of activated carbon, metallurgy, glass, lithium battery positive and negative electrode materials, rare earth nano-new energy, abrasive tools and other powder particle industries under certain atmosphere conditions.


  • Precautions for reuse of muffle furnace after long-term shutdownPrecautions for reuse of muffle furnace after long-term […]


  • Do you know why the tubes of a tubular furnace are cokingTubular furnaces are mainly used in metallurgy, tubular […]


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