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Muffle Furnace refractories internal selection

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Muffle Furnace is a high temperature heating equipment, temperature rise and fall relatively quickly, so for its internal choice of refractory high demands. Stove entire laboratory furnace system, the key equipment, stove life of the blast furnace has a significant impact, to improve the stove's lifetime, selected refractory bricks and mud should have a good fire in addition to thermal shock resistance, Masonry also has a good overall structural strength to tightness, good insulation.
In the stove refractory choice, it is necessary to consider life, but also consider the cost. In the lower part of the stove using clay and high alumina bricks. Taking into account the stove in the upper temperature, using silica brick. Selection and refractory mud brick with a matching chemical composition, higher temperature performance grades, respectively. Insulation between the furnace shell and lining choose spray paint as a protective layer to prevent harmful ingredients furnace furnace shell erosion, the specific choice can be based on actual demand. Laboratory furnace interior temperature control system is more complex and sophisticated, control of dozens of procedures strictly controlled temperature furnace played a technical support and hardware measures.

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