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Mobile high-temperature tube furnace

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1, mobile high-temperature tube furnace, please hold the base lift it. Do not hold on to mention the door.
2. If possible, two or more people collaborate handling high-temperature tube furnace.
3. Before using, remove the oven chamber door accessories and packaging materials.
4, choose a well-ventilated room, and high-temperature tube furnace on the prevention of material spilled hot surface, away from other heat sources.
5. Do not use high-temperature tube furnace placed on flammable surfaces. Ensure high-temperature tube furnace surrounded by voids.
6. Do not block the control region of any air vents: they are necessary for cooling control.
7, to ensure the placement of high-temperature tube furnace facilitates quick off the power, see below.
8, if the provider of high-temperature tube furnace chimney is not installed, the furnace shell through the hole at the top of the installation.
9, if you want to use high-temperature tube furnace heated material will produce smoke, the chimney outlet can be connected directly to a diameter of about 150 mm of the exhaust pipe.
10. Do not connect seal and the high temperature tube furnace chimney as this causes excessive airflow furnace chamber, causing the furnace temperature unevenness.

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