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Advantages of the tube furnace which

Tube furnace with a single tube, multi-tube twin-tube furnace, horizontal, can be opened, vertical, single-zone, dual-zone, three temperature zones.
1. choose single set point or 30-stage programmable controller.
2. The surface temperature can be reduced to room temperature. Average temperature mayor, easy to operate, reliable seal, high comprehensive performance, a leading domestic level.
3. mature technology;
4. Simple furnace structure;
5. easy operation, easy to control, continuous production;
6. Ethylene, higher propylene yield, high product concentrations;
7. power consumption, high thermal efficiency;
8. pyrolysis gas and flue gas can try to recover most; Scope
9. With the progress of raw pyrolysis technology and widening;
10. The combination furnace can be more large-scale production.

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