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Extend the life of three methods of high temperature furnace

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High temperature industrial furnace is a device commonly used in daily work, the use of probability is relatively frequently, so frequently used device like this, the necessary maintenance work is indispensable. In addition to the maintenance work, the correct operating practices can also extend the life of a high temperature furnace to a large extent, the following three methods:
Before using the controller in accordance with the instructions of the furnace was adjusted to a standard power use, the first time or after a long time not to use:
1. When the furnace for the first time or long-term use again after the closure must be oven dried It must be drying furnace, furnace and opening the door to prevent excessive shrinkage and cracking up.
2. The temperature inside each terminal and the power cable furnace and thermostat must twist reality, avoid contact with bad damage to electrical components, regular inspections of each terminal real prison, the furnace must be maintained before and after each use internal cleaning can also extend the life of the muffle some extent.
3 during use, be sure that there is no high-temperature furnace surrounding conductive dust, explosive gases can seriously damage the metal and insulation corrosive gases and eliminate moisture, flammable items placed baking furnace, and the furnace temperature control possible keeping 30cm outside, put an end to the thermostat placed directly on top of the furnace operation, gently heated materials to prevent friction damage to the furnace.

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