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Principle of box-type atmosphere furnace

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Principle of box-type atmosphere furnace
Zhengzhou kejia Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduced the box-type atmosphere furnace atmosphere furnace with silicon carbide as the heating element, the use of double-shell structure and program temperature control system, phase trigger, SCR control, furnace alumina more crystal fiber material, between the double furnace shell with air-cooled systems, capable of rapid heating and cooling, the use of housing as a whole sealed lid sealed with silica mud, door using silicone pad and through water cooling system, the gas after the meter by the rear bore out, there are many wash chamber inlet, outlet Department has burners that can pass hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, ammonia decomposition gas, carbon monoxide and other gases.

Box-type atmosphere furnace suitable for nano, metal, batteries, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon diffusion welding, heat treatment atmosphere heating equipment for materials or chemical lab, a variety of new material samples sintered in an atmosphere of state.

Box-type atmosphere furnace for metal materials, diffusion welding and heat treatment under vacuum or protective atmosphere. It can also be used for materials synthesis, test, sintering, etc; vacuum sintering of powder materials, ceramic materials, metal ceramics.

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