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Are You Looking For Dental Porcelain Furnace?

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  Are you looking for a reliable Dental Porcelain Furnace Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter? Kejia dental porcelain furnace consists of excellent components that guarantees maximum output in terms of usage and customer satisfaction. The dental porcelain furnace comes with advanced temperature control system that make it a ideal dental laboratory equipment. The dental porcelain furnace also has a competitive price both in China and oversea.

Kejia Furnce offers only the best in dental lab equipment. We have all furnaces you need for your lab or office from a porcelain furnace to a microscope to a milling machine, etc. We also offer a variety of items at great prices, so you can select the best supplies for your dental laboratory or office. For example, we different type dental porcelain furnace to allow you to make the best decision for your dental lab. Whatever dental lab equipment you need, Kejia can help.

Kejia Dental Porcelain Furnace Features

We company recently updated our dental porcelain furnace, in which more modern technology was applied. 7 inches English touch screen can realize sintering temperature real show; high purity coils sparil quartz as heating element to second pollution to the materals; paperless recorder can record the historical sintering cure, lifting up and down try making operate more convenient, etc.

Kejia Dental Porcelain Furnace Sintering Program

Program setting enable you to vary temperature, delayed starts, and hold time to adjust your final result. Our dental porcelain furnace can help you preset 30 segment sintering program. You only need to preset the more program and name them by 1,2,3......., when you need any program just directly choose it. This is a good way to save time and avoid error. Why not save time during the run-up when nothing is happening to the material?

Kejia Dental Porcelain Furnace Capacity

Dental porcelain furnace capacity is another significant point that we need to pay attention to, because this will effect your dental lab or office ‘s production efficiency. Our dental porcelain furnace shares the chamber size 90*100mm, which can allow you glaze more teeth once. It is economical and practical. We also can customized the furnace chamber as per your requirements. Otherwise, you can also choose put the sintered zirconium crown or bridge into crucible to porcelain or directly on the refractory tray. It is so convenient and safety.

Kejia Dental Porcelain Furnace Safety

In the all features that a dental porcelain furnace offer , the most important one is safety. In the final analysis, these dental porcelain furnace can rise a high temperature about 1200 o C and hold there for a long time. For the safety of workers and laboratory, when you buy and use dental porcelain furnace must be sure the furnace equipped with safety certification. Here I can promise you that all our dental porcelain furnace own double layer furnace shell, which can make sure the surface temperature below 50 o C even if people touch the furnace by chance, there is no hurt, so safety. Meanwhile, all our dental porcelain furnace has CE certification, IS0: 9001 certification, Certification of Orgin, etc. Most important, only the Dental Porcelain Furnace was check carefully for many times until we sure there is no any hind danger, we can export it. When you plan to purchase one good, effective and safe dental porcelain furnace, pls refer this article carefully. I am sure Zhengzhou Kejia Furnace will be your most suitable choice.

Kejia Furnace,there are high cost-effective on our lab furnace and dental furnace.

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