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how vacuum tube furnace works

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  Kejia vacuum tube furnace using the high purity quartz tube or purity alumina tube as the main tube parts, the working temperature range from 800 ℃ to 1600 ℃, can according to the customer's actual need to design. The equipment control system leading international, safe and reliable, simple operation, high precision temperature control, effective insulation, furnace temperature uniformity, can be vacuum and atmosphere, which is widely used in universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises and other experiments and small batch production.

Vacuum tube furnace use the silicon carbide as heating element, using double-shell structure and intelligent program temperature control system, phase trigger, SCR control, furnace polycrystalline alumina fiber material, between the furnace shell with double air-cooled system, fast heating and cooling, with vacuum device, you can pass a vacuum atmosphere, We can use different vacuum pump according to match customer's different requirements, the furnace having a temperature field balanced, low surface temperature, elevating the temperature faster rate, and energy saving . Colleges and universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do high-temperature sintering atmosphere, reducing atmosphere, CVD experiment, vacuum annealing with the ideal product.

The vacuum tube furnace is equipped with communication interface and software, you can control various parameters of the furnace through the PLC, can observed the operation of the oven temperature display and the instrument from the computer, the actual oven temperature curve plotted in real time, also the real time temperature data is saved, and can be retrieved at any time.

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