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Kejia Dental Furnace Functions and advantages

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  This dental furnace is Kejia company own design and development of zirconia sintering furnace, It use of touch-screen control, PID design, easy to operation can production. This dental Furnace use a round structure chamber, the heating element is evenly distributed over the circumference, so make the temperature field more reasonable and uniform. This dental Furnace use down load automatic lifting structure,Conducive to safe handling sintered material,specially for high-temperature zirconia ceramic dental crowns sintering, Consistency, high permeability. Selectable program timed auto-run feature, More energy-saving, 15 Firmware, For arbitrary choice.this dental Furnace chamber using high purity imported refractory fiber, Never let the crown discoloration. This dental furnace is the best choice of the dental labs and dental clinics. Protech Furnace,there are high cost-effective on our lab furnace and dental furnace.

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