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How to prolong the service life of the box muffle furnace?

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       Box type muffle  furnace is industrial production and laboratory is a common device in the work, the use of probability is relatively frequent, such as the frequent use of the equipment, the necessary maintenance work is essential. In addition to the maintenance work, the correct operation method can also greatly extend the service life of the box furnace.
      When the muffle  furnace is used for the first time or long-term disabled again after use, must be carried out in accordance with the instructions: oven drying controller will be raised to the standard power of furnace use, for the first time, or do not use a long time after use must be made before the drying furnace, so as to avoid and entrance expansion is too large to rupture.
The power supply terminals and thermostat inside the furnace body and the thermostat connection line are twisted, to avoid the bad contact damage of electrical components, periodic inspection of each terminal firmly, before and after each use to keep the internal cleaning can extend the furnace in a certain degree of life.
     In the process of using, make sure that no conductive dust around the box muffle furnace, explosive gas and harmful to metal and corrosive gas insulation, prevent moisture, flammable items placed in the furnace baking, temperature controller and the furnace body to keep 30cm away, stop directly to the temperature controller is placed in operation above the furnace body, light with the heated material, prevent the friction damage of furnace.

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