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Vacuum heat treatment furnace, what are the advantages of Kejia

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1. prevent oxidation: Kejia vacuum heat treatment furnace surface oxidation, decarburization and reduction of descaling, surface grinding process eliminating
2. vacuum degassing: to improve the surface purity of materials, improve the fatigue strength, plasticity and toughness of materials, and improve corrosion resistance;
3. degreasing: removing residual oil and improving the quality of products;
4. Kejia vacuum heat treatment furnace for processing the workpiece without risk of hydrogen embrittlement, prevent titanium and refractory metal surface embrittlement;
5. the vacuum heating is even, the temperature difference between inside and outside is small, and the thermal stress is small. The design structure of the vacuum furnace makes the workpiece not move violently, so it will not deform because of the external force;
6., less power consumption, energy consumption is only about 50% of the conventional heat treatment furnace, saving production costs;
7., safe operation, high degree of automation, good working environment, no pollution, no pollution

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