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How to choose zirconia sintering furnace?

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How to choose zirconia sintering furnace?

The difference of zirconia sintering furnace is not only based on brand and price. Heating element, sintering curve and temperature control precision are very important. So what kind of zirconia denture sintering furnace is best for your dental experiments?
The motor design and performance with the increase of sintering of zirconia materials required for parameter setting, most of the zirconia material at 1550 DEG C sintering (4 DEG -10 DEG per minute), but there are some zirconia materials manufacturers recommend lower or higher temperature.

Suitable temperature
zirconia sintering furnace  should be noted that recent studies have shown that when the temperature is about 1500 degrees (depending on the accuracy of the furnace temperature), the zirconia material will produce the maximum intensity. The fluctuation of grain size at 150 C will lead to the decrease of the strength of zirconia material. The study showed that the strength increased from 1500 1280MPa to 1600 600MPa, and the strength decreased to 980MPa. at 1700 degrees centigrade.
In addition, higher temperatures may reduce the stability of the material, resulting in cracking of zirconia, which is only a physical change. When the temperature is too high, the transparency of the material will also decrease. Height is not always the best! Compliance with the manufacturer's recommended sintering curve is critical. As long as the material quality of the manufacturer is excellent, most of the zirconia materials can reach the ideal sintering state at the temperature of 1550.
Heating element
So kejia provide zirconia sintering furnace have the best quality market taking electric Kejia non pollution type silicon molybdenum bar. It is specially designed for zirconia sintering. The maximum temperature is 1800 degrees, and the service life is long. Two molybdenum silicide heating element (Mosi2) is an electric heating element made of Mosi2 material. It is used in high temperature oxidation atmosphere. There is a layer of glass film on the surface, which can protect the silicon molybdenum rod from oxidation, so the silicon molybdenum rod has unique high temperature oxidation resistance effect.

zirconia sintering furnace

Temperature control program
If you're using multiple zirconium blocks, or you're looking for different results, you'd rather buy a stove with a sinter curve, and more importantly, you have multiple temperature segments available. The following is the Kejia KJ-M1700-DL zirconia crystallization furnace (EAF can be set to 16 temperature section 16 sintering curve).

zirconia sintering furnace zirconia sintering furnace

Safety performance
All the characteristics of the zirconia crystallization furnace can be provided by the manufacturer, and perhaps most importantly, safety issues. After all, the furnace is easy to reach very high temperatures, and it stays warm for a period of time at high temperatures. The manufacturer will use Gao Anpei's power. With regard to the safety of operators and laboratories, we must recognize the signs of CE certification. If you are preparing to buy an zirconia sintering furnace , please refer to this article and hope you can get an efficient and safe stove as soon as possible.

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