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Kejia zirconia knot sintering furnace which features?

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  Kejia intelligent zirconia sintering furnace with 1800 node dental pure silicon molybdenum rods, will not form two times pollution to the crown; a circular structure, the heating elements are evenly distributed on the circumference, the temperature field is more reasonable and uniform. The six surface heating is more uniform than traditional muffle furnace temperature, sintering crown permeability, better consistency. The feeding and discharging material of the zirconia crystal furnace adopts a more humanized lower loading automatic lifting structure, which is convenient for loading and convenient for taking materials. It is the best choice for the denture processing plant. The heating element is composed of a heating furnace cavity with a uniform heat distribution around the circumference and three layers of crucible, and an automatic lifting structure is loaded under the lower furnace. According to the heating conditions of different zirconium blocks, a plurality of baking curves with temperature are preset, and the roasting process is completed independently according to the preset program by the user, so that the baking process is convenient and quick.

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