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Recent Progress of Vacuum Heat Treatment Technology and Its Development

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  Recent Progress of Vacuum Heat Treatment Technology and Its Development, Abstract: Vacuum heat treatment equipment and technology at home and abroad have been speedily developing in recentyears. single chamber high pressure gas quenching vacuum furnace, WZGQ convection heating high pressuregas quenching vacuum furnace and WZLQH aluminium brazing vacuum furnace have been developed at home, while gas-fired vacuum furnace, semi-continuous and continuous vacuum furnaces, fluidized vacuum furnace, milti-purpose vacuumfurnace, high temperature and superhigh pressure vacuum furnace, sintering vacuum furnace and vacuum furnaceprocluction line and so forth have been developed at abroad. Above mentioned equipments have been simply introduced,and development trend of vacuum heat treatment technology has been put forward in this paper.Key Words: vacuum heat treatment; vacuum furnace; development

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