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Design and classification of box type resistance furnace

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Design and classification of box type resistance furnace

The specific design process of the box type resistance furnace. The design process including high temperature furnace, furnace size determined, material selection, structure design and calculation o resistance furnace size, power supply circuit, electric heating provided to determine the size and installation, and relates to the use of thermocouple, heat calculation, power calculation, heating element calculation specifications. The concept resistance furnace of the resistance furnace sends out the heat through the electric current to the electric heating, and passes the heat through the heat conduction, convection and radiation to the product. The resistance furnace is usually divided according to the structure of the furnace and the movement of the products in the electric furnace. Can be divided into the following categories: intermittent operation of electric furnace: semi continuous operation of electric furnace: continuous operation of electric kilns,

box type of resistance furnace

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