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How to choose commonly used thermocouple materials for laboratory electric furnaces

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  To know the material requirements of the thermocouple, the first thing to know is what is the role of the thermocouple in the experimental electric furnace?

1. High temperature resistance, experimental electric furnace-the temperature measurement range of the thermocouple mainly depends on the high temperature performance of the thermoelectrode, that is to say, in the high temperature medium, the more stable the physical and chemical properties of the thermoelectrode, the thermocouple composed of it The wider the temperature measurement range.

2. Good reproducibility-thermocouples using the same two thermoelectrode materials require their electrical and thermal properties to be comparable and stable, so that thermocouples can be produced in batches and have good interchangeability;

3. High sensitivity and good linearity-the thermoelectric potential generated by the thermocouple is required to be large enough and have a linear relationship with the temperature;

4. It is required that the thermoelectric material can not only meet the above requirements, but also hope that its resistivity and temperature coefficient of resistance are as small as possible, and its price is cheap and the supply is sufficient.

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