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Use box furnace to detect the correct wiring method

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     Box furnace is the main product produced by our company. Our products can now be applied to various fields. So what is the correct wiring method for box furnace:
resistivity furnace
   First of all, we must know that when contacting the box furnace, there should be a professional operator to operate safely, and then we can start our work. We must open the upper cover of the electric control cabinet and the electric furnace terminal guard; use one A copper wire of not less than 1 square millimeter is connected to the power supply and the neutral wire of the electric control cabinet; then two aluminum wires of not less than 35 square millimeters are drawn from the user's power supply to the air switch inlet end of the electric control cabinet;

  Secondly, we will use compensation wires to connect the meter and the thermocouple, and use two copper wires not less than 1 square millimeter to connect the normally open contact of the limit switch with the control port of the electric control cabinet; if you verify that the operation is correct Yes, so it can be used correctly.

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