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How to choose the material of porcelain teeth

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      Neat and white teeth are the wish of each of us. How can we realize this wish? You can choose porcelain dental surgery. So how to choose the porcelain tooth material?

    Metal porcelain teeth are first made of a metal inner crown, which is used as a stent. After the surface is restored with porcelain powder that is similar to the natural tooth color, it is baked in a vacuum porcelain furnace. The porcelain and metal alloy are fused to form a porcelain dental crown. The most commonly used in clinical practice is cobalt-chromium alloy porcelain teeth. The advantages of metal porcelain teeth are that the cost is relatively low and the price is relatively economical.

   Among the many porcelain teeth, all porcelain teeth have unparalleled simulated natural color and compatibility. The biggest difference between it and porcelain teeth is the inner crown, which is a transparent skeleton. Since there is no metal base and no metallic color, the color is more natural, the layering is stronger, and the effect is ideal.

   Gold alloy porcelain teeth are the representative of precious metal porcelain teeth. Gold has been used very early in our country, and it is one of the most ideal restoration materials. The gold alloy porcelain tooth uses a double inner crown, the inner layer is composed of 75% gold and 9% platinum, which has the advantage of high strength.

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