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Common faults and treatment methods of box-type electric furnace

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      Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace especially considers the importance of equipment and operation when customers use the furnace. As the requirements for various new furnaces increase, the company provides some technical information for reference.


   Because the furnace expands and contracts during the high and low temperature changes, more or less cracks will occur. This is a technical problem that cannot be solved at present. Over-temperature use will aggravate the cracks. Therefore, do not use it at the design temperature for a long time. Do not open the furnace door for a long time in a high temperature state, and it is forbidden to pour liquid and sinter items with high moisture content into the furnace, which will shorten the service life of the furnace and heating elements. Please use a power supply with a reliable grounding wire, and do not use the electric stove on a wooden operating table!

Trouble shooting method

   If the whole machine has no power, the fuse is broken, and the overload protection is replaced by the fuse. Manual recovery; the temperature (PV) display sensor is broken. The wire is poorly contacted. Change the sensor. Check the circuit;

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