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Introduction of internal heating vacuum heat treatment furnace

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       Vacuum heat treatment furnaces include vacuum annealing furnaces, vacuum sintering furnaces, high temperature and high pressure vacuum furnaces, vacuum heating furnaces, atmosphere vacuum furnaces, vacuum tube furnaces, vacuum box furnaces, etc.; vacuum heat treatment furnaces are divided into external heating and internal heating. This article is for everyone Introduced is the internal heating vacuum heat treatment furnace.
    Let's first look at the structure of the internal heating vacuum heat treatment furnace

    The internal heating type vacuum heat treatment furnace puts the entire heating device (heating element, refractory material) and the workpiece to be processed in a vacuum container. There is no furnace pot, and the entire furnace shell is a vacuum container. Electric heating elements, heat shields, hearths, fans, conveyors and other components are installed in the furnace. The workpiece is heated by the heat radiation of the electric heating element or the gas flow is circulated. The furnace shell adopts a double-layer water-cooled design, so it can also be called a cold-wall vacuum furnace.
    The electric heating elements are mostly located in the middle of the heating chamber, and are designed and arranged around the effective heating area of ​​the workpiece. The outside is a metal radiation screen or a non-metallic heat shield structure. The hearth is installed in the lower part of the heating chamber. The fan structure is installed in the cooling chamber or in the cooling chamber. One end, upper or lower part of the heating chamber, and the heat exchanger device form a forced air circulation heating and cooling system. The transfer mechanism is mostly located in the cooling chamber, some of which are connected to the rack outside the furnace, and adopt different types of structures according to the purpose and some special requirements. The heating electrode is introduced through the furnace shell, and the water cooling and sealing structure of the heating electrode should be considered in the design to ensure its good working characteristics.

    At present, the internal heating vacuum heat treatment furnace has various forms. According to its shape and structure, it can be divided into vertical, horizontal, single-chamber, double-chamber and three-chamber. Working cooling methods are divided into self-cooling, negative pressure air cooling, negative pressure oil cooling and pressurized air cooling (2x10³pa), high pressure air cooling (2x10⁵pa) and ultra-high pressure air cooling (20x10⁵pa). According to the heat treatment process, it is divided into quenching furnace and tempering furnace. There are single-function and multi-function.

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