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What are the main equipment of high temperature heat treatment furnace?

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  Main heat treatment equipment:

1. Heat treatment furnace: high temperature heat treatment furnace refers to heat treatment heating equipment with a furnace chamber. Because the furnace is first heated during the heating process and then participates in the heat exchange of the workpiece, the heating nature of the heat treatment furnace is indirect heating.

2. Heating device: The heating device refers to the device that directly heats the workpiece by the heat source. Therefore, its heating property is direct heating. The heating method can be that the flame directly burns the workpiece, the current is directly input to the workpiece to heat it, and the induction current is generated in the workpiece to heat the workpiece and the plasma, laser, and electron beam impact the workpiece and heat it.

3. Surface modification equipment: This type of equipment mainly includes vapor deposition equipment and ion implantation equipment.

4. Surface oxidation device: The surface oxidation device refers to a device that generates a dense oxide film on the surface of the workpiece through a chemical reaction. It consists of a series of grooves, usually called blue grooves or black grooves.

5. Surface mechanical strengthening device: The surface mechanical strengthening device refers to a device that uses metal shots or pressure rollers or applies prestress to form a surface compressive stress or prestressed state of the workpiece, including shot blasting machines and roller presses.

6. Quenching and cooling device: Quenching and cooling device refers to the quenching and cooling device for heat treatment, quenching tank with various cooling media, jet quenching device and pressure quenching machine.

7. Cold treatment equipment: Cold treatment equipment refers to equipment used to cool heat-treated parts below 0°C. Commonly used devices are refrigerators, dry ice cooling devices and liquid nitrogen cooling devices.

8. Process parameter detection and control instrument: Process parameter detection and control instrument, usually refers to the detection, indication and control instrument of temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters. With the application of computer control technology, people’s concept of heat treatment process parameter control has undergone a fundamental change. In addition to conventional process parameter control,
There are static and dynamic control of process, mechatronics control of production process, computer simulation and so on. The computer control becomes the command center for the process and equipment operation.

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