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1400 degree high temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace detailed introduction

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  Vacuum atmosphere furnace is also known as oxygen-free annealing furnace, vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace, etc., a method in which objects are sintered in the hearth of an open vacuum atmosphere tube furnace with a certain gas.
Technical index parameters of vacuum atmosphere furnace:
Common temperature is 1400 degrees, temperature control accuracy is ±1℃, integrated circuit control, no overshoot phenomenon. Furnace temperature uniformity ±3℃, temperature measurement element thermocouple platinum rhodium S thermocouple, temperature measurement range 0-1700 degrees, heating element installation position: both sides (using silicon carbide rods for heating), heating rate can be adjusted freely, adjustment range : The fastest heating rate is 40 degrees per minute (40°C/min), and the slowest heating rate is 1 degree per hour (1°C/h).
Atmosphere control of vacuum atmosphere furnace: the air inlet of the electric furnace is at the top of the furnace, and the air outlet is at the bottom of the furnace; it can add a variety of gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, etc.) and vacuum; an air inlet is provided outside the electric furnace The pressure reducing valve has the function of preheating the intake air, and the gas flow adopts a float flow meter. It is also possible to add a digital mass flow meter to accurately control the intake air if the customer needs.
Vacuum degree of vacuum atmosphere furnace: vacuum gauge indicates -0.1MPa, positive pressure 0.3MPa
Safety: The electric furnace is equipped with an electric contact pressure switch to prevent the electric furnace from having excessively high positive pressure and prevent the electric furnace from high temperature power failure. The electric furnace is designed with an explosion-proof valve!
Vacuum atmosphere furnace cooling structure: double-layer furnace shell, air-cooled + water-cooled, equipped with a circulating water pump and a circulating water tank (300 liters), and the furnace door, furnace mouth and furnace roof are cooled in three parts.
Outer shell part of vacuum atmosphere furnace:
1. Exquisite appearance The furnace body is processed by CNC machine tools, and is made by polishing, grinding, pickling, phosphating, spraying plastic powder, high-temperature baking, etc., two-color matching, novel and beautiful appearance, with anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance, Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning and other advantages.
2. The electric furnace body adopts the internationally advanced air-cooled double-layer furnace body structure, and the effective air-cooled guide baffle makes the whole cold air circulate in the furnace shell, and finally cools the conductive sheet of the heating element and then discharges the furnace body, avoiding the damage of the conductive sheet of the heating element High temperature oxidation; to ensure a good working environment.
3. The opening method of the furnace door is 180 degrees in the axial direction, and the furnace door can be rotated 360 degrees, which prevents the inner wall of the furnace door from roasting to the arm during high-temperature reclaiming; the furnace door is locked under the furnace door with a stainless steel spring lock, which is effective Locked, the elasticity of the spring absorbs the expansion of the refractory material, and ensures the free expansion and contraction of the refractory material and effective sealing.
4. Furnace shell temperature: long-term use without stopping the furnace, the furnace top and furnace door are water-cooled; when the electric furnace reaches the maximum temperature, the furnace temperature is close to room temperature and less than 40 degrees, the double-layer furnace door is insulated, and the furnace uses refractory alumina fiber as insulation Floor energy saving effect is 60% of the honest electric furnace.
Furnace material part:
1. The furnace lining is made of vacuum-formed high-purity alumina and light-weight materials. The easy-to-touch positions (furnace mouth, furnace bottom) of the material are made of lightweight hollow spherical alumina plates, which have high operating temperature, low heat storage, and resistance to rapid heat and cold. , No cracks, no slag drop, good heat preservation performance (energy saving effect is more than 80% of the old electric furnace) adopts three layers of heat preservation, namely: aluminum silicate fiber board, alumina fiber board, and alumina (polycrystalline) fiber board. The energy saving effect is More than 80% of old electric stoves.
Vacuum atmosphere furnace control part:
1. The electrical appliance adopts integrated circuit and module control; dual-circuit protection (bias temperature protection, ultra-high temperature protection, broken couple protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, etc.), the electric furnace is more stable and reliable, and the closed-loop technology is triggered by the thyristor module Control, phase-shift trigger control or zero-crossing trigger mode, output voltage, current or power is continuously adjustable, with constant voltage, constant current or constant power characteristics; current loop is inner loop, voltage loop is outer loop, and load is suddenly added Or when the load current exceeds the current limit value, limit the output current of the voltage regulator within the rated current range to ensure that the output and the voltage regulator work normally; at the same time, the voltage loop also participates in the regulation, so that the output current of the voltage regulator is limited to the rated current Within the range, the output current and voltage are maintained under the premise of sufficient adjustment margin. In order to protect the heating element from the impact of excessive current and voltage, to achieve safe and reliable control effect and control accuracy.
2. Display parameters: temperature, temperature segment number, segment time, remaining time, output power percentage, voltage, current, etc.

3. Button: The imported button has a service life of more than 100,000 times and has an LED indicator.

4. Temperature curve setting: using intelligent temperature controller, equipped with standard PID, artificial intelligence adjustment APID or MPT and other adjustment methods, with self-tuning and self-learning functions, excellent control features without overshoot and no undershoot, with 30-segment program control function, can realize any slope of temperature rise and fall control, with jump
Programmable/operable commands such as (loop), run, pause and stop, and allow the program to be modified at any time during the control operation of the program; the artificial intelligence adjustment algorithm with curve fitting function can be used to obtain a smooth curve control effect;
5. Multi-curve input: 30 segments (50 segments can be customized) program control function, you can input settings: one curve is 30 (50) segments, two lines are 14 (28) segments/line, three curves are 9 (15) Segments/bars, five curves 5 (9) segments/bars; multiple curves can be input at the same time, and can be called arbitrarily during use.

6. Communication interface: The electric furnace is equipped with RS485 communication interface, and the communication distance can reach 1200 meters. The electric furnace can be controlled by computer to start, pause, stop, set the heating curve, read the heating curve, and set the parameters. It has high reliability and convenient Master, the display content on the computer screen is rich, showing the measured value, given value, output value, segment time, segment number, heating curve, power percentage curve, the heating curve can be stored through the computer, and the stored heating curve can be called and modified at will Given values ​​and commonly used parameters, historical curves, historical report record time intervals can be filtered (1s-1h) and can be stored for a long time.

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