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Brief introduction of atmosphere sintering furnace

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  Today, Kejia Electric Furnace briefly introduces the atmosphere sintering furnace:
atmosphere sintering furnace
    The atmosphere sintering furnace is suitable for the sintering of electronic ceramics and high-temperature structural ceramics, the fine annealing and microcrystallization of glass, the fine annealing of crystals, the preparation of ceramic glazes, powder metallurgy, the sintering of nano materials, the quenching of metal parts and all requiring rapid heating processes The required heat treatment is an ideal test and production equipment for scientific research units, universities, and industrial and mining enterprises. The specific features of the atmosphere sintering furnace are as follows:

1. The furnace body of the atmosphere sintering furnace adopts a double-layer furnace shell structure, and a fan is installed between the double-layer furnace shells, which can quickly rise and fall in temperature, and the surface temperature of the furnace shell is low.

2. The door and roof of the atmosphere sintering furnace are sealed with high temperature silicone rubber, and the door is equipped with a water cooling system. The furnace body has an air inlet, an air outlet, and a vacuum port.

3. The furnace material is made of high-quality imported alumina polycrystalline fiber vacuum adsorption, which can save energy by 50%, and the heating temperature field on both sides is uniform.

4. The electric furnace temperature control system adopts artificial intelligence conditioning skills, which has PID adjustment, vague control, self-tuning capabilities and can compile various heating programs. The control system has a temperature display accuracy of 1°C, and a temperature field stability of ±5°C. The heating rate can be set arbitrarily from 1 to 20°C.

5. The atmosphere sintering furnace can be ventilated with other gases such as argon and nitrogen, and can be pre-evacuated. The vacuum can reach 20kPa, and the atmosphere pressure can reach 0.1Mpa. The furnace body is made of thick steel plate, which is safe and reliable and meets national standards.

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