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Analyze the structure principle of the trolley furnace

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      Many friends are asking what is the main structure of the trolley furnace? What is the principle? Today, Kejia will give you a brief share of the structure principle of the next trolley furnace, hoping to help everyone.
trolley furnace
    The trolley furnace is composed of two parts: the furnace body and the electric control. The furnace body mainly includes furnace shell, furnace lining, heating elements, furnace door and trolley. The furnace shell is welded by steel plate and section steel. The furnace lining adopts energy-saving ultra-light refractory bricks, aluminum silicate fiber and high-quality thermal insulation materials to form a composite furnace lining. The heating element is spirally wound with high-alloy resistance wire and placed on the furnace lining and the trolley shelf; the trolley can move back and forth for easy loading and unloading, and the new automatic sealing between it and the furnace shell improves the sealing performance; Both the lifting of the door and the entry and exit of the trolley are driven by an electric deceleration mechanism. The furnace floor is made of heat-resistant cast steel, and the trolley tilting unloading mechanism is optional.
 The electric control part of the trolley furnace mainly includes two parts: temperature control and operation. The temperature control adopts the production digital display AC contactor to implement the ordinary position control, and the recorder is also equipped to record the complete process curve, and it can alarm over temperature; the operation adopts the button and the light display to realize the on and off of the trolley in and out, and the heating element. The furnace door lifts and other actions are controlled, and there is an interlocking device. The trolley can move when the furnace door is raised or closed to a fixed position, which is relatively safe and reliable.

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