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Why do high-temperature electric furnaces need to be maintained?

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Why do high-temperature electric furnaces need to be maintained? Many friends will have this question. Today, Kejia Electric Furnace will give you a simple answer.
     Let’s first talk about why high-temperature electric furnaces need maintenance: First, as an instrument and equipment, high-temperature electric furnaces are composed of many accessories, just like the cars we drive. In our daily use, good usage habits and necessary maintenance are definitely The service life of the high-temperature electric furnace can be increased. It has a long service life, and for users, it will definitely reduce a lot of costs. This is the reason why high-temperature electric furnaces need to be maintained.
high-temperature electric furnaces
    After talking about why maintenance is required, let’s talk about how to maintain the high-temperature electric furnace and what methods are there:
1. Do not use at over-temperature.
2. Regularly clean the dust or impurities in the furnace body and furnace.
3. Excessive force is not available for opening and closing the furnace door.
4. Regularly check whether the electric furnace circuit is aging.
5. Avoid hard objects hitting the shell of the electric furnace.
6. If there is paint off the furnace shell, repair it in time.
7. Check the accuracy of the meter from time to time.
The above is the simple way to maintain the high temperature electric furnace, have you learned it?

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