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Matters needing attention when using vacuum tempering furnace

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    The vacuum tempering furnace is widely used in scientific experiments and industrial production. The following briefly introduces the matters that should be paid attention to when using the vacuum tempering furnace:

    1. When testing the furnace temperature uniformity, attention should be paid to the positioning and binding method of the temperature measuring contact and the distance from the heating element.

    2. Avoid heat treatment products, especially copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead, etc., from contacting electric heating elements, whether it is fine powder, molten liquid or steam, etc., to prevent corrosion and formation of "pits" on the surface of the electric heating body. It becomes smaller, and finally burns out due to overheating.

    3. After the vacuum furnace heats up, the furnace door cannot be opened for a long time. When the temperature is higher than 400℃, it must not be cooled rapidly. For electric heating elements, under high temperature and large changes in cold and heat, it is easy to cause oxidation and peeling. For molybdenum heating furnaces, EI should be cooled to below 200 ℃ during frequent maintenance before stopping the protection gas.

    4. The lead rod should be in good contact with the wire clamp, and the lead rod should be smooth in contact with the clamp. The lead rod must not have redness, and the temperature of the wire clip during power supply does not exceed 60°C. Note that due to thermal expansion, cold contraction, creep elongation, etc. when heating and stopping the furnace, the bolts of the lead wire clamp are prone to oxidation and loosening, forming a virtual short circuit. Regular inspection and tightening are required.

vacuum tempering furnace

    The automatic control design of the vacuum furnace is reasonable, the degree of automation is high, and the reliability is good. It can effectively ensure the efficient and safe production of the vacuum furnace. It gives full play to the PLC's high reliability, anti-interference, and convenient debugging characteristics, and realizes the heat treatment process. Automation, thereby reducing the labor intensity of the operator. At the same time, it solves the problems of long construction period and serious waste of resources of single-chamber furnace, realizes saving construction period and energy saving, and has high economic and social benefits.

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