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Standard operating procedures and precautions for dental porcelain ovens

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Standard operating procedures and precautions for dental porcelain ovens

Operation step

1: turn on the power switch and press (ESC) to continue operation after 8-10 seconds of self inspection.

2. Input the program of porcelain powder baking into the computer of porcelain oven and use the number to represent a program.

3. The porcelain oven shall be preheated at low temperature for 15-30 minutes before porcelain baking.

4. Put the formed porcelain teeth on the porcelain tray and put them into the furnace.

5. Press the number key to select the program represented, and press the green (s) key to start running.

6. After the program runs, the furnace will be raised automatically. After taking out the porcelain teeth or metal, press the key to close the furnace.

1. Clean the furnace in time after each work.

2. Regular maintenance.

3. When the porcelain furnace is not in use, the furnace shall be closed, so as to prevent the furnace from absorbing moisture and affecting the vacuum degree.

4. When cleaning the furnace, dust shall be removed by suction rather than blowing.

5. Wipe the control board and circuit board with a soft cloth.

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