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How to determine the working voltage of resistance furnace

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The power supply voltage of the resistance furnace is mainly determined according to the power supply and the requirements of the furnace. Resistance furnaces generally use 380V or 220V power directly. Some electric furnaces have special requirements, so they must use very low voltage and need to install transformers to achieve the purpose of use.

In general, 220V series or parallel series power supply is adopted for resistance heating elements with power below 25kW, and 380V star or triangular line power supply is generally adopted for resistance furnaces with power between 25kW and 75kW. For resistance furnaces with a power of more than 75kW, the power supply modes of electric heating elements are relatively diversified. The purpose is to ensure that the power of each heating element is appropriate, so as to facilitate the manufacturing of elements and the control of furnace power and temperature.

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