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KJ-C1200 vacuuum crucible furnace

KJ-C1200 vacuuum crucible furnace

Description:KJ series of crucible furnace is composed by quartz crucible or alumina crucible and stainless steel flange .Working temperature ranges from 800¡æ to 1200¡æ. It is mainly used for calcination of high pure compound in the vacuum or inert atmosphere; sintering or spread of semiconductor film, sinter of ceramic material, etc.
1. has a large chamber (9.5"d x 8.6"H) and it is designed for sintering ceramic parts and component in Lab and Hobby Shop.  
2. has a unique ceramic fiber insulation around the chamber to provide excellent uniformity and energy efficiency. 
3. The heating element is embedded in the insulation for maximum heat transfer to the chamber. Max. temperature can reach 1250¡æ.
4. Power control with 30 segments programmable. 
5. All accessories are included for immediate use,
1) One piece of refractory disk, which can be put on bottom of furnace to protect furnace liner from wearing out.
2) Three pieces of refractory supports, which can be put on top of the disk and bottom of the crucible to adjusting crucible height.
3) One high temperature gloves using can be used < 900¡æ. 

Product model KJ-1200VCF
Working voltage and frequency AC220V 50/60HZ (or according to your requirement)
Chamber Size O.D.205×I.D.190×H340mm
Rated power(kW) ≤3kw
Outside dimensions(mm 450x550x650mm
Heating rate 0~30¡æ/min£¨suggestion ≤20¡æ£©
Heating element Resistance wire
Commonly used temperature ≤1100¡æ
The highest temperature 1200¡æ
Temperature control type 50 segments programmable control
Constant temperature precision ±1¡æ
Temperature control table 708P intelligent temperature controller
Sealing way Enclosed totally
Furnace chamber imported polycrystalline alumina fiber furnace, reasonable design, durable, 
heat preservation performance is good, saving energy
Furnace door structure Up sliding door

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