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Vacuum atmosphere furnace heat of several basic ways

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In the use of electric heating devices, in which heat transfer is a way to make a vacuum atmosphere furnace within the furnace chamber temperature uniformity?
Our technical department, based on years of practice and reference literature summarized after the following basic ways:     
During the heating process of heat transfer is a complex phenomenon. Heat transfer process is divided into three basic ways of objects that conduction, convection and radiation.      
1, the conduction means without relative displacement of the particle, the internal heat when in direct contact with the object at different temperatures or different temperatures of the object transfer phenomenon occurred. In the liquid and non-conductive objects, the heat is transferred by the elastic wave action; rely on free electrons within the metal movement; in a gas mainly depends on diffusion and collision of atoms or molecules.     
2, the heat convection refers to the various parts of the fluid due to the relative displacement caused by the transfer. Heat exchange fluid that occurs when the other surface is referred to by the convective heat transfer, including the process of conducting the process of convection laminar flow near the surface layer and the outer layer of laminar flow, the convective fluid itself due to different temperatures and densities caused by said " natural flow ", and the heat transfer between the fluid and the surface called" natural convection heat "; plus a variety of flow due to mechanical forces arising called" forced flow ", and the heat transfer between the fluid and the surface called" forced convection hot. "     
3, radiation, electromagnetic wave propagation by a heat process. Radiation heat transfer is not only energy, but also accompanied by a form of energy conversion, that is transformed into heat radiation, the radiation out of the radiation can be absorbed and then converted into heat.     
In practice, the vacuum atmosphere box furnace, vacuum furnace, furnace atmosphere can be seen in the heat transfer process is rarely a single heat transfer, in most cases two or three ways at the same time the role of an integrated process.    

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