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You must master the installation and use of the muffle

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When muffle furnace cycle mode of operation for the laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units for elemental analysis and small size steel hardening, annealing, tempering heat treatment, heating, high temperature muffle furnace can be made of sintered metal, ceramics, dissolved , analysis and other high temperature heating.
Muffle furnace installation and use:
1.there is a thermocouple inserted into the furnace 20-50mm, filling the gap between the hole with asbestos rope and thermocouples. The best connection to the control thermocouple compensating cables (or insulated steel core wire), positive and negative attention, do not reversed.   
2.the power line introduced at the need to install the power switch to control the total supply. In order to ensure safe operation, the furnace and the controller must be grounded.    
3. prior to use, the thermometer indicator adjusted to zero, when the use of wires and cold junction compensation compensation should be adjusted to the mechanical zero cold junction compensator reference temperature point, do not use compensation wire, the mechanical zero adjusted to zero-scale bit, but the temperature indicated for the measuring point and the thermocouple cold junction temperature difference.     
4. After opening the package, check muffle furnace is intact, accessories are complete. General muffle furnace requires no special installation, just flat on the floor or shelf interior flat. The controller should avoid vibration, placement and furnace should not be too close, to prevent overheating and causing internal components can not work properly.     
5. After checking the wiring checked and verified, the controller enclosure cover. Will adjust the temperature setting indicator pointer to the desired operating temperature, then turn on the power. Turn the power switch, then the green temperature indicator light on the instrument both relays to work, electric powered, ie, a current meter display. With the furnace interior temperature, the temperature is gradually increased pointer indicating instrument, this phenomenon indicates that the system is working properly. Electric heating, constant temperature, respectively, temperature indicator of traffic lights, a green light indicates temperature, red light means constant temperature. (Laboratory furnace)     
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