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Technical parameters and characteristics of muffle furnace

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Muffle furnace technical parameters and characteristics: a muffle furnace, also known as box-type resistance furnace, high temperature muffle furnace, is a common heating equipment can be divided into the box furnace tube furnace crucible furnace. There are domestic and imported muffle furnace muffle furnace (US muffle, muffle furnace, Germany), muffle furnace cycle mode of operation for the laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units for elemental analysis and small size steel hardening When annealing and tempering heat treatment, heating, high temperature sintering furnace can be made of metal, ceramic, dissolution, analysis, high-temperature heating. Muffle furnace technology parameters | Specifications | function. Introduction to the relevant country as an example of a product:     
Smart Box furnaces use of modern high technology, the main components imported materials, the shell is made of advanced CNC machining, luxurious, beautiful color imported epoxy powder electrostatic painting process, the furnace using a special lightweight materials processing. The indicators have reached the international advanced level, widely used in coal, electricity, metallurgy, chemical laboratories, and universities laboratory analysis and industrial heat treatment and other industries.Now maybe you have know about 
muffle furnace function.
1, furnace and intelligent controller integrated design, the entire furnace for one beautiful, generous;
2, the heating elements on both sides of the liner-type heating speed, temperature uniformity, replacement furnace wire convenient, reliable, panels, all made of stainless steel chimney, the surface of imported color epoxy powder electrostatic spray process;     
3, the furnace uses advanced lightweight materials (0.3 density) molding, compared with the traditional muffle furnace 1/2 lighter heating rate doubled, saving energy, its life expectancy increased by 3.5 times;     
4, with a new digital instrument, intelligent temperature control, reducing visual reading and human operator error, greatly improving the work efficiency; with a variety of protection features, improved security and reliability.     
Features: There are 4 groups 9 of heating a special program, you can set their own requirements according to different experimental heating process; with over-temperature, leakage, overload, short dual protection alarm function; with a variety of settings and adjust the interface to suit all require different environmental conditions.
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