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Muffle furnace technology

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      Today, a new era requires a new model, technology and industry information, networking has become inevitable.     
    With the rapid development of high-tech, computer-controlled system has been widely used in industrial automation, thus greatly improving the quality of plant productivity, product, and plant their own skill level, the production has become more convenient and safe operation.    
    Muffle furnace occupies a pivotal position in the automation industry. The amount of the metallurgical furnace furnace equipment increased year by year. Muffle furnace manufacturers are also increasing. For example: Zhengzhou kejia furnace Co., Ltd. multi-temperature vacuum (atmosphere), box-type furnace, vacuum resistance furnace, high temperature furnace pit, low high school bell furnace, carbon graphite tube furnace, car heaters, RRTB temperature single (double) channel push plate kiln, RRML mesh belt furnace, oven and other series production, laboratory, scientific equipment. Mainly for military, electronics, chemicals, building materials, ceramics, rare earth (luminescent) materials, metal and nonmetal materials, solar new materials, nano-materials, glass materials, different techniques, electrically heated furnace equipment in the field of scientific research experiments using different materials.     
    Advances in science and technology, especially information and network technology development with the research and production of closely integrated, technology offers great possibilities to improve the automation of intelligent muffle furnace heat treatment. Use of electric heating effect of metallurgical furnaces, which are usually sets of electric equipment, including electric furnace, opening and closing, vacuum equipment, electrical equipment, automatic control system, furnace subsidiary auxiliary electrical machinery and equipment. Comparison with fuel furnace, which furnace has characteristics, easy to control the furnace gas, even evacuated, the heating temperature is high, the temperature is easy to control, the production process to achieve a high possibility of mechanization and automation.     
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