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High-temperature furnace use precautions

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  (1) high-temperature furnace heating, must be performed slowly with a gradual increase in voltage approach. Be careful not to exceed the safe temperature to avoid burning electric wire.
(2) When using an electric furnace, rendering it subject to severe vibration, due to red-hot furnace wire prone to brittle fracture.
(3) Do not let the high-temperature furnace damp to prevent leakage.
(4) when the material is placed in the furnace, do not touch and thermocouples, thermocouple due to stretching of the hot end of the furnace at high temperature is easy to break.
(5) should not be placed in a chamber containing acid, alkaline of chemicals or strong oxidizing agents, but not allowed in the furnace burning dangerous explosives.
(6) The high temperature metals and other minerals into the heating furnace, must be placed in high-temperature vortex collapse porcelain or porcelain dish, or refractory clay tablets or asbestos board pads to prevent sticking together with the furnace.
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