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How to increase the furnace life

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In order to protect and extend the furnace of use, Zhengzhou kejia Muffle Furnace Xiaobian teach you how to increase the furnace life: Must note the following:
(1) regular checks and controls all electric connectors is good.
(2) electric and controllers must not exceed 85% relative humidity, no workplace conductive dust, explosive gas can damage the metal-insulator and electronic components and the corrosive gas.
(3) Operating ambient temperature controller is limited to 0-50 ℃.
(4) electric and controller shall not exceed the rated power, temperature must not exceed the maximum operating temperature, moisture into the workpiece is prohibited within the furnace, containing ultra-high moisture should be pre-heated drying artifacts.
(5) to keep the furnace clean the inside story of the furnace metal oxides, slag and other impurities should be promptly removed, loading and unloading of the workpiece with caution.
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