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Installation of high-temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace

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1.Vacuum atmosphere furnace without special installation, just flat on the floor or bench indoors. The controller should be on the table, tilt work surface shall not exceed 5 degrees. The controller furnace minimum distance of not less than 0.5 meters away. The controller should not be placed above the furnace, so as not to affect the controller is working properly.
2. The controller and electric power lines connected to the switch and fuse load capacity should be slightly larger than the electric power rating.
3. wiring, first turn the screw loose controller left and right sides of the shell, and then turn on the cover, press the icon connect the power cord. The controller and electric wires and thermocouple cable (best to use compensation wire .) thermocouple inserted into the furnace thermocouple holder from the hole in the gap between the hole and the thermoelectric clogged with asbestos rope, then fixed (Note: the power phase - and neutral is not reversed, for safe operation, the controller and grounded furnace required)
4. Check the wiring is correct to electricity, the first on the power switch, and then the toggle switch on the control panel to pull the open position, adjust the settings button, set the temperature to the degree that you need, if The measure is set to pull the switch position, the red light off (NO), also pull contactor sound, electric powered heating ammeter indicates the current value, the furnace temperature with increasing temperature slowly rising, indicating that work. When the temperature rises to set the desired temperature, the red light is off (NO), the green light (YES), automatic electric power, stop heating up. Later, when the furnace temperature dropped slightly, the green light is off, the red light, furnace and automatically powered on. Again and again, the purpose of automatic control furnace temperature.
5. In order to check the burnout protection device is working properly, the method is: Loosen the thermocouple end, this time indicating temperature quickly rose to the highest point will automatically cut off the heating power, the burnout means good reconnected good thermocouple After work properly.
6. Ovens, when used again after the first use of an electric furnace or long periods, must be oven process is as follows: When the room temperature to 200 ℃ 4 hours (open the door to let the steam distribution) When 200 ℃ to 600 ℃ 4 hours (close the door) When 600 ℃ to 800 ℃ 2 hours (close the door)
7. After use, first toggle switch on the control panel to pull off position, then cut off the main power switch.

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