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Scope of high temperature muffle furnace

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The use of high temperature muffle furnace

1. Natural air insulation type, lightweight and easy to carry.
2. heating speed of about only 30 since the beginning of 1100 ℃.
3. sides of the furnace is heated by radiation, temperature distribution.
4. Temperature control: PID automatic control LED digital display.
5. Insulation: imports of high temperature ceramic fiber insulation and ceramic plates, high alumina cotton triple insulation.
6. Heater: Swedish import KANTHAL heater, durable, temperature stability, fast heating.
7. Internal use of high temperature ceramic plates, not easily deformed, plus high temperature paint galvanized external appearance, easy to paint chips.
The high temperature muffle furnace main indicators:
Production: protective atmosphere continuous production
Heating: Electric heating
Calcined product: Powder Materials
Temperature: 60 ℃ -1700 ℃
Temperature Accuracy: ≤ ± 1 ℃ 3.
The scope of application of high temperature muffle furnace: High-temperature furnace is the national standard of energy-efficient furnace cycle operations, mainly for steel products, metal parts normalizing, hardening, annealing heat treatment purposes, or diamond cutting blades and other high-temperature sintering purposes.
More knowledge about the furnace; please pay attention:
high temperature muffle furnace

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