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Tube furnace maintenance and repair

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Heat treatment equipment usually have electricity, oil, gas to make the heating element, with high and low temperature heat treatment process to be completed to reach their own needs. In order to save energy to reduce costs, it is set to automatic temperature control device to a certain temperature, shut down automatically after the temperature reaches the heater, and is accomplished through the insulating state. One can imagine that a heat treatment temperature of the device can not be sustained? The first is the idea of ​​the problems in the procurement needs before and after the second, when the equipment maintenance and repair section is also important to note concept.
1. The tube furnace maintenance;
Press equipped with pressure high-temperature resistant steel furnace floor, to carry on with a piece of tube furnace. In order to prevent oxidation of the skin produced by heating the workpiece through the gap between the fall around the furnace floor heating element caused by damage to the heating element, so the furnace floor and furnace at the use of plug-in contact contact. To ensure the normal use, the need for frequent purging tube furnace floor beneath the oxide scale, typically once a week, purge, purge the furnace floor lift, with a compressed air tank oxidation resistance wire dander purged, Note to prevent oxidation caused by a short circuit in the furnace pickup wire. At the same time we should always check over-temperature alarm and temperature measurement system is normal.
2. Maintenance tube furnace;
During use, insulation materials, new equipment is affected by high temperatures will produce different levels of insurance contract, in about six months into the device after the need to open additional roof insulation materials, insulation achieve the best state. Because the car and out of the workpiece on the oven door is a must inevitably lead to abrasion and impact, if there is a brick oven door has a gap, the door will move up and down in time to produce different degrees of deformation or section should fill the gap on.
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