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How to prolong the duration of use Muffle Furnace

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(1) regularly check each muffle furnace and controller connectors is good.
(2) muffle furnace and the controller must not exceed 85% relative humidity, no workplace conductive dust, explosive gas can damage the metal-insulator and electronic components and the corrosive gas.
(3) Operating ambient temperature controller is limited to 0-50 ℃.
(4) when the muffle furnace and the controller shall not exceed the rated power, temperature must not exceed the maximum operating temperature, moisture into the workpiece is prohibited within the furnace, high moisture content should be pre-heated drying contain artifacts.
(5) to keep the furnace clean the inside story of the furnace metal oxides, slag and other impurities should be promptly removed, loading and unloading of the workpiece with caution to avoid damage the silicon carbide.
(6) silicon carbide should be stored in a dry place to prevent moisture deterioration aluminum head. When using Chi White found some sticks, some dark red, indicating a different bar each change in resistance, the resistance value of the future need to put on the stick and re-use approximate.
(7) The silicon carbide-based carbide recrystallized products, alkali, alkali metal, sulfuric acid and boron compound at a high temperature it from the corrosive effect, it has a strong water vapor oxidation of: hydrogen and a gas containing a large amount of hydrogen will decompose at high temperatures silicon carbide, strict attention must use.

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