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The main features of the experimental atmosphere furnace

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Laboratory furnace currently used in the industry, especially the wide use of hydrogen furnaces around MoSi2 heating, door with silicone rubber seal, and the use of water-cooled gas into the furnace from the side door, rear upper exhaust gases from the furnace, tube material is corundum Murray Stone pipe, insulation materials, aluminum foam bricks, Murray Stone fibers. The main features of the experimental atmosphere furnace
1. The furnace shell structure with double oven, double oven fitted between the fan casing, you can quickly ramp, furnace shell surface temperature is low.
2. door, roof with high temperature silicone rubber seal, door equipped with water-cooled systems. There into the furnace inlet, the outlet, vacuum port.
3. furnace using high quality imported material polycrystalline alumina fibers made of vacuum suction, saving 50%, two surface heating temperature field uniformity. Kanthal resistance wire heating elements.
4.The furnace temperature control system uses artificial intelligence technology, with PID control, fuzzy control, self-tuning capability and preparation of the various heating programs and other functions, the control system temperature display accuracy of 1 ℃, temperature field stability of ± 5 ℃, 1 ~ 20 ℃ heating rate can be set.
5. You can pass other gases argon, nitrogen, etc., and can be pre-vacuum, the vacuum can reach 20kPa, atmosphere pressure can reach 0.1Mpa, body with thick steel plate processing, safe and reliable, in line with national standards.
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