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Application Muffle Furnace Heat Technology

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Zhengzhou Kejia-Muffle Furnace professionals to explain your application Muffle Furnace Heat technology:    
Heat recovery technology should be improved, scrap preheating furnace flue gas technology in China is still in the preliminary study stage, the application is very small, which is mainly due to metal ratio, furnace flue gas volume, temperature effects on three factors. Muffle Furnace heat is expected to be fully utilized again.     
Foreign companies often all-electric furnace smelting scrap, flue gas volume and the calories are relatively small; some domestic production of all-electric furnace smelting scrap some metal ratio of 70%, the difference is large, which gives the pre-furnace flue gas technology development and application of heat scrap both have a greater impact. Due to the cyclical furnace smelting technology is not conducive to heat, which usually set the accumulator industry to solve this problem. The experimental furnace flue dust capacity, with strong adhesion, fine features, thus hindering the promotion and application of heat technology.     
In addition, laboratory furnace in the smelting process, the flue gas flow, temperature, dust content constantly changing, with a maximum flue gas temperature oxidation period, the maximum flow, maximum dust content in the flue gas temperature minimum period of steel, The minimum flow rate, the minimum amount of dust. Cyclical changes in the parameters of the flue gas heat recovery but also to bring some difficulties. Domestic and foreign enterprises, after years of research, has made a major breakthrough in this regard. I believe that with the implementation of the steel industry, "Twelfth Five Year Plan", the experiment scrap preheating furnace technology will show a strong power for electric furnace steelmaking contribute to energy conservation.
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